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Pop-Up Stores
"Maximize your sales potential — and reach more people than you ever thought possible by creating a Pop-up store for your school spirit wear programs, sports, and athletic ‘fan gear’,  summer camp program, family reunion, live conference, or event merchandise.

Pop-up stores are ideal for selling opportunities that have a short duration — and therefore require a quick response"

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Evergreen Stores
"You are a brand, a celebrity, an influencer, a band, a church, or a special interest group in need of an online store for sales opportunities that are long-term and continuous – Evergreen Store is the solution!

Evergreen stores often bring in a wider range of customers and they are created with the intention of staying online — and open — for extended periods of time."

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Fund Raising Stores
"Is your need a store that will be live for a fixed amount of time, plus rely on urgency to accumulate sales in a short period? You got it.

Our fundraising store is here for you. The marketing potential of online stores is especially visible — and vital — in fundraiser stores, where the campaign’s reach (as a result of its digital presence) equates to a much larger impact."

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Company Stores
"Sell branded products to your business customers. Sell employee uniform programs, employee swag, and merch programs, and employee appreciation, recognition, and rewards programs.

Also, use your store for your marketing materials, ordering (or releasing) custom branded products for marketing needs like giveaway t-shirts for an event, or welcome kits for new customers.

The online store will eliminate inventory storage and product management stress, and it will make the buying process more seamless for your end-consumers (your employees) too."

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Pitch Stores
"Show potential customers what you can do with a pitch store. In terms of products, sure, but also in terms of selling those products. What technology are you offering? What built-in marketing tools come with those e-commerce capabilities?

These pitch stores let you show — rather than tell — exactly what’s on offer. You can create custom pitch stores for each prospective customer. Not only are these stores quick to make, but they’re also a differentiator — because they show your customers you go the extra mile."

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Targeted Personalization Stores
"Get a Targeted personalization store to attract highly targeted consumers, based on their interest.

When you’re selling products, you have two possible strategies: go broad, and market to a large potential customer base, or go targeted, and focus all efforts on a select, well-defined consumer.

If you go broad, you’re selling custom t-shirts. If you go targeted, you’re selling something far more specific — like custom family reunion t-shirts.

Targeted personalization stores work to generate impressive sales results — but in order to leverage them, you need to make sure they’re really targeted. To do that, you need a feature that has the power to control products, designs, clip, and feature function inside the online store.

That’s where our online designer feature comes in."

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