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LGP is a company dedicated to helping brands make lasting impressions through paper branding material, promotional products, and branded merch. 

Born Out Of Passion... 

We understand the frustration, frenzy, and uncertainty that comes from dealing

with multiple vendors for your business’ branding needs.


And because we understand, we created LGP.


What began as a love for printing soon blossomed into a love for service. 

Dedicated to helping businesses big or small spread their message,

The LGP Brand offers printing, promotional products, and branded apparel & accessories. 

We use our knowledge not only to offer brands quality print work and products,

but to share that knowledge with our clients. No more incorrect file fees, poor print work,

or low-quality items.. Our clients leave with a better understanding on what it takes

to get the best print work and product every single time.

Our experience, our knowledge, and most importantly our passion helps business owners make branding simple.

Our Services


It's in the name, LGP Prints is our printing company for all paper marketing material . Anything from business cards to banners can be ordered and printed through LGP Prints. 


LGP Promo holds a wide range of promotional products and corporate gifts, all available with the option of being branded.

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LGP Apparel is your one-stop, decorated apparel shop. You can design your shirts, polos, jackets, and more online, submit your order, and we print and ship your decorated apparel to you!

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Our Duty

We aspire to give business owners like us, the material and confidence to get their brand out there and remembered.

That's because business owners help the world go round. While you sell products or services, you also sell solutions to problems, fulfill desires, and cater to needs.


In short: You help people.


So let us help you, help people. Use our services to put your logo and message on a business card, a t-shirt, or an assortment of promotional products. Stay top of mind for future clients and insight at all times.

Attract more clients, close more deals, grow your business, and most importantly help more people.

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